Welcome to the Studio 31 Blog!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Dear audiophiles and enthusiasts,

For our first entry we have decided to keep it concise and intriguing. This post will be the first of many that will focus on Studio 31ʼs journey and endeavours. However, before we jump into the raw, untamed worlds of the creative industries, here is a short, behind the curtain, introduction...

Studio 31 is a small, yet rapidly mutating, space handled by a multicultural team of audiophiles. Our main team consists of four members: Alexander Zelenko, Alexander Adra, Karolis Urbonavicius and Mayank Saraiya. Together, we are pooling our dense, uncanny histories and experiences to form a collective consciousness - with this we hope to establish a new tone for audio!

Join us, on this maiden voyage as we chase asteroids of sound and comets of noise from within the heart of our favourite city - Kyiv, Ukraine.

More information beamed soon ;) Over and out!

Studio 31