Games Sound Design

Create tension, build suspense and bring life to your video-game environment - We offer our experimental sound designs and create soundscapes for any developer requirements. Our utmost understanding of the development process will further ensure that we can adapt to your work style and deliver any client needs.

Animation & Film

Recognisable melodies, enigmatic scores and uncanny special effects are the signature traits of Studio 31’s sound palette. Immerse your visual art with a dedicated auditory accompaniment.


Finalise your music for any medium from tape, to vinyl, to any digital platform - We will deliver the punch required to polarise any playback method.


Develop warmth, establish clarity and deliver a breathing piece of music with our experienced engineers and in-line mixing capabilities.


Behind Our Studio Doors

Studio 31 is a collaboration of three experienced audiophiles that seek to widen the horizons of sound from Kyiv, Ukraine. We offer innovative, audio related, solutions in various creative and commercial industries.

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Kyiv,  Ukraine

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